KLove Christmas Tour 2014: The Artists Chat:

Jeremy Camp, Plumb, Chris August, Love & The Outcome!

KLove Christmas Tour 2014 The Artists Chat At Rocking Gods House

Abbie Stancato At Rocking Gods HouseI had the pleasure of attending the KLove Christmas Tour several days ago. Besides the awesome hospitality of the KLove Staff, I was treated to the amazing God-gifted talents of Love & The Outcome, Chris August, Plumb, and Jeremy Camp.

I was honored to ask the artists a few questions and even have one of my questions answered by all of them prior to their show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The artists all displayed great talent, wonderful hearts, and an awesome sense of humor.

The Concert Was A Delight For My Soul!

When you were starting out, what were your dreams, and how has that changed?

KLove Christmas Tour 2014 At Rocking Gods House

Plumb: For me, I have sung for as long as I can remember. I did not aspire to be artist, so I didn’t have a lot of expectations when I got signed. I was kinda in the right place at the right time. I started off as a backup singer, then my

name got shared, which resulted in a label calling me.

I expected, just from what I have thought, that you made more money [laughing]. I really did think I’d make gazillions dollars.

Chris August: My dream was to meet Will Smith one day, and I actually got to meet him last year, which was awesome [laughing]!

Jeremy Camp At Rocking Gods HouseJeremy Camp: I didn’t think it would be as difficult on the road as it is. You get really worn out and spiritually drained, more than you think. You don’t prepare for that, so you end up getting thrust into this environment without preparation. You have to learn how to regroup and refresh yourself with God’s Word.

I also did not understand the work involved. So eventually I had to step back and say, “God, I can’t really do this on my own.” So you learn to do things through His strength and not your own.

Love & The Outcome — Chris Rademaker: We really are new, so all our dreams are coming through right now. Jody and I played in 50 arenas across the country last year. That’s kinda mind-blowing for a new artist. I actually always wanted to be in U2. So I kinda got to play the same places they did last year.

One of the great things about being on the road is nights when you stay up till 5:00AM listening to music that you love on the bus with your friends. And as Jeremy said, you get exhausted and worn out, because sometimes you stay up until 5:00AM [laughing].

Love & The Outcome Jodi King At Rocking Gods HouseLove & The Outcome – Jodi King: We [Jodi and husband Chris] were in separate bands for about five or six years in Canada. This is really new being married and together on the road. It’s awesome [looking toward her husband and laughing], most of the time!

We got to play at the Dove Awards for about 30 seconds, but still we played. We sat back down and someone turned around. It was dark so I couldn’t tell who it was. And this hand reaches out and says, “I just love you guys, and I want to have your record on my phone, but I’m too blind without my glasses to download it.” So Amy Grant handed her phone to us to download our record. That was really a cool moment. In Canada there’s not a lot of Christian music, so the only Christian vinyl record my mother would do aerobics to was Amy Grant. So she is who I always looked up to.

Do you have an embarrassing on-stage moment?

Love & The Outcome — Jodi King: I use to wear high heels [laughing]… used to! I tripped and fell on my face on a carpeted stage. However, the timing was perfect because the words I was saying at the time were something about God help me… so I really sold it… I just stayed there for awhile.

Jeremy Camp: One day it was raining outside and we were in San Francisco at Candlestick Park. I was wearing boots. And there was a part where I wanted to get everyone jumping. So I was standing on the drum riser. I announced, “on the count of three everyone jump.” On three I jumped up, and as I landed I slipped right down on my back. As I was laying there I yelled out “keep jumping!”

Chris August At Rocking Gods HouseChris August: I was doing Winter Jam a few years ago. One of my favorite bands is David Crowder Band. I’ve been a big fan for a long time. We were playing on my birthday in Norfolk, Virginia. I have this joke song about how much I love candy. So I’m doing this candy rap song — I guess I was being a candy wrapper [laughing]! David Crowder and one of his band mates came out on stage dressed as M&M’s. They started dancing throwing candy out into the crowd, and then smashed a cake into my face. At the time I had a beard and barely got to wipe my face. I was singing Starry Night with icing all over my face. I felt like an idiot.

Plumb: I feel better now after hearing their stories. At Winter Jam this year, we had a cat walk that came out over the audience and came to a “T.” At the very corner I thought there was stage behind me. So in front of about 15,000 people, I stepped back, plummeting into the audience, and they all kinda dispersed. I was catapulted back on stage by a fan. My manager that night asked, ”What did you do?” The following day he discovered my social media numbers went up like 400%, and he proceeded to tell me I could do that as often as I like. To see it… just Google “Plumb Idiot”!

Tell us about your Christmas traditions?

Plumb At Rocking Gods HousePlumb: We get a real tree every year thanks to my mom’s affection for that since I was little. We get it the day after Thanksgiving.

Christ August: I have a fake tree, I got it at Target [laughing]!

Jeremy Camp: We all decorate the tree when were all together. I think we stopped doing that a couple years ago because it was too difficult to maintain with all my touring, which is sad. I ruined the tradition… sorry mom!

Love & The Outcome — Chris Rademaker: Our Canadian tradition is to huddle inside the fire [laughing]! Since we’ve been playing on the road for the last four years we now have a new tradition; it’s finding a McDonald’s on the road at midnight on Christmas Eve!